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VODBLISK is an online theater for independent Belarusian cinema, which you can not find or watch otherwise because of censorship and state control. VODBLISK aims to promote independent Belarusian cinema and give voice to independent Belarusian filmmakers, who in its’ majority have to live in exile nowadays.
Film of the July:
Summer of '89
Vladimir Kozlov
It’s late July of 1989 in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. The five teenagers go on a camping trip to unwind after taking final exams at school and gaining admission to college, and to have a great time without any parental control. It's their last summer before adult life begins...
The gems of Danish documentaries
About us:
VODBLISK is an online movie theater created by the team of the Northern Lights Film Festival. Now you can watch modern Belarusian independent cinema online - both feature films and documentaries.

New movies are added to the platform each month; you can purchase access to any of them for 30 days, allowing you to view the film as many times as you'd like! In addition to films, interviews with Belarusian filmmakers are published on the platform and across our social networks.

We’re constantly dealing with a problem: the global audience doesn’t know about the Belarusian cinema — we’re not even talking about the detailed knowledge — but barely about the mere fact of its existence. And those who want to familiarize themselves with the Belarusian cinematography simply cannot do so.

There are no foreign or domestic services that allow watching Belarusian films carefully selected by curators.

We have always lacked some kind of Belarusian Netflix that everyone in Belarus and around the world would know about as a platform where you can come and find all of the Belarusian films (or at least a lot of them) in one place, as well as learn about the context of Belarusian cinema and get to know our authors.

VODBLISK is exactly such a platform, designed to shed light on Belarusian cinema and make it accessible, recognized, and popular.
Together, we are popularizing Belarusian cinema

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We make Belarusian cinema accessible, recognizable, and popular
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