The gems of Danish documentaries

This year, VODBLISK is collaborating with the Danish online platform PARA:DOX, which belongs to CPH:DOX, one of the world’s most prestigious documentary film festivals.

What will that mean for you, our viewers?

The PARA:DOX team has specially selected 9 popular Danish documentaries for us to stream on the VODBLISK platform. Festival hits and international audience favorites are among them. You can watch these movies for free as long as you are in Belarus.

What makes that so awesome?

The best Danish films are now available to Belarusians. In turn, viewers from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland will be able to watch 9 Belarusian documentaries that were carefully chosen by the VODBLISK team and will be streamed on the PARA:DOX platform.

What can you watch right now?

‘Twice Colonized’ by director Lin Alluna and ‘TSUMU: Where Do You Go With Your Dreams ’ by director Kasper Kiertzner are two fascinating Danish films already available for viewing.

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