Alexander Mihalkovich
Alexander Mihalkovich is a Belarusian-Ukrainian director and producer. He graduated with a PHD in librarian science and with an MA in film directing from DocNomads international study program. His focus as a filmmaker is on long-term projects with which he has a close personal relationship. He produces documentaries with an experimental and creative essence, beautiful cinematography, and a clear director’s vision.

After creating several short documentaries and experimental films, he made his debut feature film, My Granny from Mars. The movie had a successful theatrical release in Ukraine, has been selected for numerous international film festivals, and performed as the opening film at the Eastern Neighbours FF in 2019.

Alexander Mihalkovich participated with his projects in the International Film Festival in Jihlava (2018), DOK.fest München (2019), BelDocs Belgrade (2019), Northern Lights FF (2019), and many more.

Right now, Alexander is working on two long-term projects: Transparency Booth (2025) and Motherland (2023). The second one, about the system of violence in authoritarian societies, is to be premiered soon.
Director, producer

Transparency Booth, 66 min.

Motherland, 93 min.

My Granny From Mars, 73 min.

White Sheet of Paper, 11 min.

Red Ripper in Brussels, 5 min.

Klapotski, 17 min.






My Granny From Mars
After the annexation of Crimea, my old Ukrainian granny Zina had to face the fact that she was living on a "new planet." For many reasons, the time has come for her to make a crucial decision.
Watch at the VODBLISK online cinema