Andrey Kashpersky

Andrey Kashpersky was born in Brest, Belarus, in 1995.

At the age of six, he watched "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," and that's how he fell in love with the cinema. Six years later, he started to make his own short movies using a cell phone. Later, when he was 14 years old, Andrey organized a creative group of 17 people who were making films and videos together.

In 2017, Andrey Kashpersky graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts with a degree in film directing. He had made 11 short films by that point, some of which had been selected for and won awards at international film festivals.

In 2018, Andrey joined the team of the YouTube channel "Goosin," which is well-known in Belarus. A season of the series about a goose named Harvey, who lived in a city apartment, was filmed in a comedy/mockumentary genre and made "Goosin" much more recognizable.

In 2020, Andrey became the director and showrunner of the "ChinChinChannel," a project that mocks Belarusian state propaganda and Belarusian officials. In 2020, he shot the full-length comedy musical "Chin Chins in Wonderland," which was broadcast on Belsat TV. In 2021, he moved from Belarus to Ukraine with the "ChinChinChannel" team to shoot the satirical series "Lenin was Here." The team had managed to shoot about 1/3 of all they planned before Russia started an invasion of Ukraine, so the team was forced to leave Ukraine and stop shooting.

In 2022, Andrey Kashpersky, as a director, scriptwriter, and showrunner, began making the anthology "Processes" for Belsat TV. The anthology, inspired by the series "Black Mirror," explores absurd processes that take place in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

Director, showrunner, screenwriter

Processes, Series

Sugar, 4 min.

ChinChins Go Nuts, 21 min.

ChinChins in Wonderland, 56 min.

The Goose Man, Series

Akuaka, 11 min. (co-authored with Nella Agrenich)

Hasta La Vista, Baby, 5 min.

Sasha was here, 6 min.

Cactus, 17 min.

Music Inside, 15 min. (co-authored with Nella Agrenich)

To the Cinema, 8 min.

Button, 35 min.

Do Not Come Back, 8 min.

The Indian film, 8 min.













Sasha was here
Sasha had a fight with his girlfriend, and now he will have to go through an adventure to rebuild understanding and trust in their relationship.

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Hasta la vista, baby
A young couple in love enjoys a fun date in a winter wonderland. Unbeknownst to them, their magical night out will end up in a horrific, bloodstained nightmare.
Several friends are sitting in a cafe and cheerfully sharing hilarious news from Belarus with each other.