Artsiom Lobach

Artsiom Lobach is a Belarusian film director, documentary filmmaker, and clipmaker with over 15 years of experience. He graduated as a designer from the Minsk College of Arts before pursuing further studies in film and TV directing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk. He also underwent training in feature filmmaking in Warsaw and documentary filmmaking at Andrzej Wajda's school.

Lobach is the author and director of several documentary series for BELSAT TV and Additionally, he directed and edited the "Belsat Music Live" music show.

Currently, Artsiom Lobach is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Director, documentary filmmaker, and clipmaker

Blood on the Grass, 52 min.

Home is Where I Am, 53 min.

Way Home, 52 min.

Belarusian Songs: Tradition of a Distance, 40 min.

Fragments. Composition, 30 min.

Closer Than You Think, 13 min.

Simple Things, 12 min.

Home, 19 min.

Twilight, 12 min.

Kalety, 17 min.

Hrodna: New World, 14 min.










Closer Than You Think
In search of freedom and adventure, a young woman convinces her enamored boyfriend to flee from their parents to the rural wilderness. However, their romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when the past meets the present, revealing the true intentions of each.

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Way Home
"Way Home" is the story of Pavel, whose nostalgia for Crimea and yearning for freedom lead him to the Ukrainian countryside, where he creates his own world, facing challenges and obstacles on the path to self-discovery.
A young couple from Belarus discovers an ancient inherited palace, turning their departure plan into a nightmare. As they explore, the mansion's haunted past awakens, causing them to face a survival game where past sins merge with an uncertain future.