Tsumu – Where Do You Go With Your Dreams?


Original language
Kasper Kiertzner
Denmark, Sweden
80 min.

East Greenlandic
Belarusian | English

Tsumu – Where Do You Go With Your Dreams?

Director: Kasper Kiertzner
Year: 2022
Genre: documentary
Countries: Denmark, Sweden
Length: 80 min.

Original language: East Greenlandic
Subtitles: Belarusian | English

The East Greenland town of Tasiilak is not just a godforsaken corner of the Earth, whose inhabitants go fishing and get bored out of their minds. Everything is much worse. According to statistics, 20% of young people in this area committed suicide, and 50% suffered from sexual violence. Alcohol abuse is so severe that in 2021 local authorities temporarily outlawed its use due to a wave of crimes. In this setting, the ambitious zoomers Lars, Thomas, and Eino grow up. The friends organize a theater group, deal with their own gender identity, and are torn between going to high school in Nuuk (where you can only get to by a helicopter) and trying to stay and make Tasiilak better. "We are the last hope of this place," Eino declares. Director Kasper Kiertzner makes his characters full-fledged co-authors: most of the film consists of recordings from their smartphones — vigirous, naive, tragic, but always sincere.

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