Vlada Senkova

Vlada Senkova is a film director and screenwriter, born in 1986 in Belarus. In 2010, she graduated from the Belarusian State University, where she studied computer linguistics. In 2013, she completed her studies in film directing and screenwriting at Minsk Film School. In 2020, Vlada finished the School of Andrzej Wajda in Warsaw with the project called “Yurki”. Vlada is the winner of the Hubert Bals Script and Project Development Award, an alumna of the ScripTeast Programme (2021), and the Nipkow Fellowship (2022).

The Belarusian’s debut feature film "The Count in Oranges" (2015) received a Diploma for the bold and fresh look at the MMIF Listapad-2016, and at the Cottbus International Film Festival of Eastern European Films (2016), Vlada’s movie was granted the Discovery Award.

Along with the film "II" (2019), Vlada Senkova participated in the MMIF Listapad-2019 and the International Film Festival in Gothenburg (2020). At the Warsaw International Film Festival (2019), Vlada’s film received a Special Mention by the Jury.

Director, screenwriter

II, 61 min.

From a Great Height, 16 min.

The Count In Oranges, 114 min.




Stigmatized by this callous and ignorant world… But we are together, and we will overcome everything.

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