VODBLISK Talk: Andrey Kashpersky

Talks Volia Chajkouskaya
"I am a director who creates sh*t skillfully"
A sincere, cheerful, and optimistic conversation about Belarusian cinema with Volia Chajkouskaya and Andrey Kashpersky. This is the kind of talk you'll rewatch on rainy evenings and smile at.

Andrey Kashpersky talks about how he has been filming since he was 12 and watching Lynch since he was 6; how he once lost consciousness while filming because he overworked himself that much, and later, during the editing of the same film, he got food poisoning by drinking bottled water called ‘Holy Spring’. Together with Volia, they discussed the Belarusian Schrödinger’s cinema, falling asleep to the movies, and the beauty of genre cinema.

ATTENTION: in this video, you will also see a movie that does not exist, Mikhas Zui, a secretary, a cat, and other "background actors".

Enjoy your viewing!

Andrey Kashpersky

Director, showrunner, screenwriter.
Author of the films "Sugar", "Sasha Was Here", "Hasta La Vista, Baby".


Volia Chajkouskaya

Founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival and VODBLISK online cinema, producer, director, author of the film "Common Language".

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Sasha was here
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Hasta la vista, baby
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