VODBLISK Talk: Nikita Lavretski

Talks Volia Chajkouskaya
How to make a film without any budget at all?
Director Nikita Lavretski holds a special place in the Belarusian underground cinema. He creates films in the mumblecore genre—independent, low-budget films with amateur actors. At the same time, he is a regular at film festivals, which proves that cinema without a budget can also be appreciated by professionals.

Watch the new VODBLISK Talk in which we discuss Nikita's attitude to criticism, his movie shot on his parents' camera, and two big projects that will soon be released.

Nikita Lavretski

Director and author of films TO RUTH:, "Belarusian Psycho", "Murder on Alibegova Street".


Volia Chajkouskaya

Founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival and VODBLISK online cinema, producer, and film director.

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How far can a reclusive hikikomori go in order to gain the attention of his beloved YouTuber girl?

Based on the anonymous blog of the Rose stalker.

online cinema:

The Murder on Alibegova Street
That awkward moment when a polyamorous relationship ends in a double murder. The most high-profile Minsk crime of recent years comes in the form of a post-ironic tiktok series.
Belarusian Psycho
What happens when you place a psycopathic incel and three random girls in the same dacha? A loose adaptation of the mass shooter's Elliot Rodger's manifesto to the Belarusian realities.