VODBLISK Talk: Artsiom Lobach

Talks Volia Chajkouskaya
"Every single frame should amaze the viewer"
Volia Chajkouskaya spoke with a Belarusian film director and music video maker, Artsiom Lobach, about his path to filmmaking, working on Belarusian MTV, star fever, and cinema as a means of building meanings. And, in parts, about simply building stuff (once Artsiom spent the whole filming day DIYing a wooden staircase —if this is not Belarusian cinema, then what is?).

What kind of intense filming process is this when the woodshed just burns down? Why is the film crew so important? How does the film script affect a person seeing it for the first time? Watch the new VODBLISK Talk to find out.

Artsiom Lobach

Director, documentary film maker, music video maker.
Author of the films "Way Home", "Closer Than You Think", "Home".


Volia Chajkouskaya

Founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival and VODBLISK online cinema, producer, director, author of the film "Common Language".

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Closer Than You Think
In search of freedom and adventure, a young woman convinces her enamored boyfriend to flee from their parents to the rural wilderness. However, their romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when the past meets the present, revealing the true intentions of each.

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Way Home
"Way Home" is the story of Pavel, whose nostalgia for Crimea and yearning for freedom lead him to the Ukrainian countryside, where he creates his own world, facing challenges and obstacles on the path to self-discovery.
A young couple from Belarus discovers an ancient inherited palace, turning their departure plan into a nightmare. As they explore, the mansion's haunted past awakens, causing them to face a survival game where past sins merge with an uncertain future.