VODBLISK Talk: Darya Zhuk

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Belarusian and American director Darya Zhuk told the founder of VODBLISK, Volia Chajkouskaya, about the autobiographical nature of her films, about women in cinema, about fundraising, and about the industry itself in the USA. She also shared how the film "Crystal Swan", nominated for an Oscar from Belarus, was created.

Darya Zhuk

Director, screenwriter, producer, and author of the film "Crystal Swan".


Volia Chajkouskaya

Founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival and VODBLISK online cinema, producer, and film director.

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Crystal Swan
In 1990s Belarus, a wanderlusting young DJ is derailed by a typo in a forged US Visa application, forcing her to a backwater factory town where she is determined to fake her way to the American dream.

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